“Where is your Heart?”

The body of David Livingstone was buried in England where he was born, but his heart was buried in the Congo of Africa that he loved. At the foot of a tall tree in a small African village the natives dug a hole and placed in it the heart of this man who they loved and respected.

If your heart were to be buried in the place, you loved most during life, where would it be? In your pocketbook? In an appropriate space down at the office? Underneath the house you keep in perfect order?  Where is your heart? 

Dear church the bible tells us where our heart is! “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  This is not a hard question to answer for our very life proves it by what we seek and pursue.  The hard part is answering the question with honesty.  May we be a people that will place our treasure in eternal things not those things that are soon to pass away.   

Pastor Mark