"Just Older Youth"

JOY Ministries is an active and vibrant group of senior adults at Granite Hills Baptist Church in the beautiful North Valleys area of Reno, NV. We are a community of individuals aged 50 and up who are dedicated to embracing God’s grace and spreading joy in our lives.

We began in the winter of 2006, as “SonBeam Seniors”, meeting for a monthly potluck luncheon.  We started with about 10 of us, and now regularly have almost 30.  We usually meet the first Monday of the month at 11:30am at Granite Hills Baptist Church in the Fellowship Hall.  In 2008, we began to emphasize Senior Sunday scheduled on the National Grandparents’ Day in September. In 2009 we felt we should be reaching out to the rest of the church and beyond to the community and the world.  We began to collect aluminum cans and scrap metal to recycle so we could give the funds to children wishing to attend Christian summer camp. In 2014, we were able to donate $1900 to the children’s camp fund.  

At JOY Ministries, we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and we make it our mission to create opportunities for fellowship, growth, and service. Our group organizes exciting day trips to various destinations, allowing members to explore new places, experience new adventures, and build lasting friendships along the way. We have been to the Plumas County Fair, to the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City, to Fleishman’s Planetarium, to a BBQ picnic at Silver Knolls Park, and to the William F. Harrah Auto Museum.  Whether it’s a scenic picnic, a cultural excursion, or a fun-filled outing, our day trips are designed to enrich your life and create memories that will be cherished for years to come.

In addition to our day trips, we are committed to serving our church community. We actively engage in various volunteer activities within Granite Hills Baptist Church, lending our time, talents, and expertise to support its ministries and make a positive impact. From assisting with church events to providing mentorship and guidance, we believe in using our collective wisdom and experience to contribute to the growth and well-being of our church family.

At JOY Ministries, age is just a number. We believe that life after 50 can be some of the most fulfilling and joyous years, and we are here to prove it. Our group fosters an environment of love, support, and encouragement, where you can find like-minded individuals who share your passion for life and faith.

If you are a senior adult in the North Valleys area of Reno, NV, we invite you to join us at JOY Ministries. Come and be part of a community that celebrates life, explores new horizons, and serves with a joyful heart. Together, we can make the golden years truly shine!

To get involved or learn more about JOY Ministries, please visit our website, contact us via email at, or contact Pat Patterson at church or call 775-972-0887. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our joyful community!  

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