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For More info please contact Pastor Mike or visit COWBOY’S REST SITE

At Granite Hills, we seek to proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ alone, and that affects how we approach youth ministry.

My name is Mike Schmidt and I have the joy of directing the youth ministry at Granite Hills.

Parents, know that I intend to come alongside you and equip you and your teenagers to study God’s word, to live God’s way, and to glorify Jesus in all things.

Along the way we hope to establish some real friendships and have some fun.

Pastor Mike

Are you ready for YOUTH CAMP?

June 24-29, 2024


Ahoy, mateys!  This summer, our campers will set sail for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas.  Based on the Book of Jonah, our 2024 theme invites students to voyage to a place where rebellion turns to repentance, and selfishness gives way to surrender … a place called Mutiny’s End.  It is our desire to share with every lost soul that the Great Captain has Himself paid the penalty for mankind’s mutiny, and now longs for each of us to discover the greatest treasure trove of all … a relationship with Him.  And to those who already know the Captain, we’ll be extending the same call that Jonah received … “GO!”  Whether to Nineveh or Next Door, God commands us to preach His gospel to all creation, and it’s high time we stopped running from Him and obeyed.  After all, when we don’t, things get kind of fishy!
So, that’s what the theme’s all about, ye lilly-livered land-lubbers.  Now get back to swabbing the deck.

Cost for 2024 is $315 per youth. 

For More info please contact Pastor Mike or visit COWBOY’S REST SITE