“Trust the Authority of the Bible”

For centuries people believed that Aristotle was right when he said that the heavier an object, the faster it would fall to earth. Aristotle was regarded as the greatest thinker of all time, and surely he would not be wrong. Anyone, of course, could have taken two objects, one heavy and one light, and dropped them from a great height to see whether or not the heavier object landed first. But no one did until nearly 2,000 years after Aristotle’s death. In 1589 Galileo summoned learned professors to the base of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Then he went to the top and pushed off a ten- pound and a one-pound weight. Both landed at the same instant. The power of belief was so strong, however, that the professors denied their eyesight. They continued to say Aristotle was right. 

We can have this same problem in our hearts and lives today.  We can have some “smart” person tell us something and believe it even though in practice it is not correct and even when the Bible says it is not true.  We have supposable “smart” people telling us and our children all sorts of things that the Bible says differently about and by practice are found to be untrue.  Dear friends, the authority of the Bible still stands, trust it, not someone who might be “smarter’ than you but refuses to see the truth.    

Pastor Mark