“Triune Praise”

Our summer intern, Javy Cortez, preached an excellent sermon last Sunday evening about the blessings we receive from each member of the Trinity in our salvation. His closing prayer reminded me of a poem I composed a few years ago while meditating on the worshipful poems of George Herbert and watching the silent snow gracefully falling outside my apartment building in Louisville, Kentucky. May this poetic meditation spur you on this week to pour out gratitude to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as you pray.


O Father, You restored to me the bond that once was severed.

You overlooked the wise, the grand, the mighty, and the clever

And worked for me the victory that I could not endeavor

To win.


O Jesus, when I was consumed in immorality,

You condescended to the doom of cursed mortality.

When I was fully helpless, Lord, You came and rescued me

From sin.


O Spirit, who was present long before the earth was formed,

You took my lifeless, frozen heart; with love You made it warm.

Now daily by your closeness to me You keep me informed:

I’m kin.


Pastor Mike