“The Word of God”

I was reminded this week of a poem I had written many years ago describing the effects God’s Word so graciously has on our hearts, and I wanted to share it with you.


The Word of God is bane and balm–

It cuts the heart, then brings a calm

And soothing aloe for the wound,

Healing the soul it has impugned.

For with one comprehensive stroke

It mends the very bones it broke.

It heals the ligaments it tore,

Leaving them stronger than before.

Like diamond-hard abrasive sand,

It smooths the calloused heart of man.

It peels away the hardened flesh,

That truth may be applied afresh.

Like freshly sharpened pruning shears,

It snips away all doubts and fears.

Each fruitless branch it trims and prunes,

Allowing righteousness to bloom.


Pastor Mike