“The Tragedy of Unbelief”

The tragedy of unbelief is that it is so unnecessary.   Unbelief in Jesus is such a tragedy because it is so needless.  It is a needless waste of God’s grace, a needless waste of His time and favor, a needless waste of life.  The opportunity for faith is freely given that it might be freely received.   What do you have that you have not received?  Will you, like the Jews, continue to attempt righteousness on your own merits?   The more you reject his offer of grace, the harder it will become for you ever to receive it because of the growing hardness of your heart.  But the more you receive it by growing in your faith of what Christ has done for you, the more assured you become of its truth and effect.  The book of Acts was written to establish the historical credibility of the witness of Christ through his apostles in the power of the Holy Spirit.  It ends on the note of “take it or leave it”.  If you don’t want it, there are plenty who do.  God has spoken to you. Will he speak again?  Perhaps He will just move on and present his message to others.  And what a tragedy that is for those who are “left behind”. (By “Faith-life Sermons”)

Dear friend, you do not have to remain in unbelief you can have Jesus today.  If you struggle in unbelief and are full of doubts and fears I would encourage you to start with a prayer.  The prayer would be something like this; “Lord, I want to believe please open my heart and mind to your truth as I read your word the Bible.  In Jesus name Amen.”   

Pastor Mark