“The Right Thing To Do When Anxious”

“The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.”  George Muller.

Massena, one of Napoleon’s generals, suddenly appeared with 18,000 soldiers before an Austrian town, which had no means of defending itself. The town council met, certain that capitulation was the only answer. The old dean of the church reminded the council that it was Easter, and begged them to hold services as usual and to leave the trouble in God’s hands. They followed his advice. The dean went to the church and rang the bells to announce the service. The French soldiers heard the church bells ring and concluded that the Austrian army had come to rescue the town. They broke camp, and before the bells had ceased ringing, vanished.

Dear church, when faced with worry and fear and threats on your joy, health and life I find a great truth here stated in this historical event.  That when we are in a time of worry and fretting it is always a good time to do the right thing and served the Lord at that moment.  For many of us it’s just a matter of getting up and going to church instead of staying in bed fretting over your circumstances.   

Pastor Mark