“The Mystery of Godliness”

“Beyond question, great is the mystery of godliness…” 1 Timothy 3:16

“Jesus sits in no second place among teachers. Paul mentions what the mystery of godliness is, and declares that it concerns the manifestation of God in human, flesh, that He might save men from their sin. Now, saith he, without controversy this is a great matter, if it be received by us as true, it becomes us to act as those who are put in trust with a priceless deposit with which we dare not be otherwise than faithful. There is no room for indifference where the gospel is concerned — it is either the most astounding of deceptions, or the most amazing of revelations; no man can safely remain undecided about it, it is too weighty, too solemn to be snuffed at as a matter of no concern. Foes and friends alike confess that the mystery of godliness is great: it is no rippling rill of doctrine, but a broad ocean of thought, no molehill of discovery, but an Alp of revelation, no single beam of light but a sun shining at its strength.”  C.H. Spurgeon

Dear church, the great mystery of Godliness is Jesus and Jesus alone!  He was revealed in the flesh, vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up to glory!  I was watching a debate between a Christian scholar and an atheist not long ago on a podcast.  In the debate the Christian scholar asked the atheist this question: “if Jesus and the gospel is real what would it mean?”  The atheist proclaimed, “It would be the best news we have ever heard in our life!”  And dear Church, he is right, it is the best news we will ever hear in our life and may it be the news that this church shares with a lost and dying world at every turn in our lives.   Pastor Mark