“No one, save the rankest liberal, would disagree with the fact that it was the practice of the Apostle Paul that women could not take a leadership role in the church meeting. Most, however, would be inclined to say that the reasons for this practice were purely cultural, and therefore inapplicable to the church today. With this we must disagree, for Paul does not base his instructions on culture, but upon principles which are related to the purpose of the church and to the teachings of the Old Testament. In 1 Corinthians Paul’s teaching is consistent with the ‘law’ (14:34). In 1 Timothy the silence of women is established upon the teachings of the early chapters of Genesis (1 Tim. 2:13-14). We will only understand the necessity of women not leading or being in authority in the church when we understand the principle which underlies this practice. That principle is that God has assigned man the responsibility of reflecting or demonstrating the headship of Jesus Christ in marriage and in the church.

It is fundamental that we understand that the church is God’s showplace. God is using the church to demonstrate truth, both to the angelic hosts as well as to the world. In Ephesians we read: “in order that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places” (Eph. 3:10).”  Robert L. (Bob)Deffinbaugh

Church, this is a difficult for our present culture to accept that in the Bible the Lord is not confused about gender and the roles of men and women in church worship and neither should we be confused.  In the end the Lord calls men to step up to the role of spiritual leader and display the love of Christ in two primary places.  The home and the church.  If they will not, then the Lord is saying that you will not have a healthy home or church that is a picture of the love of Christ for His bride, the church.  The bible is not telling the women of the church to step back, but the men to step up to the call of God in Christ Jesus, first in his home and then in the church! 

Pastor Mark