The Five “Looks” of the Lord Supper

Look Up — Since God has invited us to his table, it is appropriate for us to acknowledge He is central. He invites us to his table through Christ. When you celebrate the Lord’s Supper with your church family, look up and consider who God is. He is the unchanging God who is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. He is the God who has loved even you and me.

Look In — When we look up at who God is, then we have a better view of ourselves. The Lord’s Supper affords us this opportunity.  Consider if there are sins to confess before the Lord. We don’t live a secret life; the Lord sees it all.  It’s a time to make sure you that you are genuinely clinging to Christ for your righteousness. There is a need for self-examination.

Look Back — But there is another look. The Lord’s Supper points us back. You’ll notice in the Last Supper that Jesus uses the elements to instruct us about the cross (Matt. 26:17-30). He uses the simple elements of bread and the cup to show that he has broken his body and spilled his blood for us. Jesus says “this is the blood of the covenant.” It’s a vivid image.  Jesus is saying that through his death He will bring in the benefits of the New Covenant. The blood of the lamb is sufficient to save sinners like you and me. The cup looks to the cross!

Look Around — The Lord’s Supper also makes us look around.  There is a need to discern the body. This means to know that you are part of a church family. This local church together is composed of different people with different experiences and various issues. But at least two things are in common: We are sinners, and we are united together by faith in Christ. Therefore, if there are outstanding relational issues, they need to get worked out. We don’t just bury stuff under the rug. We have to deal with it. If it’s a sin, then it needs to be dealt with biblically. If there are issues of disagreement, we need to do our best to work it out. The Lord’s Supper is the regular reminder that we are good with Jesus and that we are good with one another. If one or both of these is not true, then we should not take the Supper. If we are, then we are to enjoy this meal as we look around together, acknowledging the bond of unity.

Look Ahead — Did you notice that Jesus anticipates another meal? He says that he will not drink this cup again until he does in the coming kingdom with His people.  We are looking forward to the great marriage supper of the lamb when the entire church is gathered together to boast in the great saving work of Christ.   

May the Lord bless you as you look to Jesus at this Lord’s Supper.      Pastor Mark