“The Body of Christ”  

The Bible speaks of the Body of Christ, the community of believers in Jesus that work together to complete the will of God on Earth. Every Christian’s role is different to another to complete and aid the completion of knowing God and making Him known. Therefore, the lifestyle for every missionary will differ slightly. For one, God might direct them to sell what they own to move to a third world country to make Him known there. For another, God might call them to support that missionary with the job they have already in order to further advance the Gospel. For both individuals, the foundation of their actions are based on God’s direction and instruction for their lives. Both know how their unique relationships with God works. Moreover, both are obedient to the word of God and sacrificing what they can and are called to as they actively place God as the director of their lives. 

Christians are called to a life of obedience to God by following Jesus’s Great Commission. Every Christian is on a journey with God in stepping into a greater relationship of obedience and sacrifice with Him. In doing so, the Body of Christ is becoming a greater example to the world of living in relationship with Him. The wholly, self-sacrificial choice of obedience to God and placing Him as director of one’s life is a choice that not only missionaries are taking, but one that the entire Body of Christ is stepping into.  (Elliott Daly missionary to Canada)

Dear church the greatest question is not if you should be a missionary, but is the Lord Jesus the director of your life?  If that is true than you are already a missionary because you will do and go and give as your Lord commands you.   Pastor Mark