“Revenge is Costly”

When he was an attorney, Abraham Lincoln was once approached by a man who passionately insisted on bringing a suit for $2.50 against an impoverished debtor. Lincoln tried to discourage him, but the man was bent on revenge. When he saw that the man would not be put off, Lincoln agreed to take the case and asked for a legal fee of $10, which the man paid. Lincoln then gave half the money to the defendant, who willingly confessed to the debt and paid the $2.50! But even more amazing than Lincoln’s ingenuous settlement was the fact that the irate plaintiff was satisfied with it. 

Dear church, we are often tempted to seek revenge when we are offended or mistreated.  However, the Bible commands us to no do so, and God tells us “vengeance is Mine I will repay.”  This is a great warning, not only to us when victimized, but when we are the offender.  May we live in the grace of God in which we have been saved!  Knowing that by the grace of God we have been saved from the penalty of sin.  By the grace of God, we are being saved from the power of sin.  And by grace of God, we will one day be saved from the presence of sin.  With such blessings as this, we should be people ready to let the Lord of all wisdom handle our grievances. 

Pastor Mark