These last few weeks have been a time of preparation for the coming event of Christmas.  My wife and I have been getting gifts, preparing the house with a Christmas tree, putting up the Nativity set, getting our Christmas cards out.  It has really been a busy time to say the least. Also, we must do the normal duties of life that must happen each day on top of all of these holiday duties.   Sometimes as we are doing these things, we wonder why we go to so much effort and in the end, we know it is because we really do believe that Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby in human flesh to save us from our sins.  It just goes to show you that what we believe in our hearts our actions follow.  Hope and I believe that Jesus came to earth and not only that we believe that He is coming back to the earth.  Now we must prepare for His return and our lives should show that, we are convinced by the Word of God that Jesus will one day return.   On a rare occasion, I forget this and my life shows that, but for the most part I am looking to my Savior’s return when He will take us home to glory.  But until then, let us prepare for His coming by reminding everyone that almost 2000 years ago Jesus visited us then and He is coming back soon. 

Merry Christmas, Pastor Mark.