Is Science Moving Toward Belief in God?  

The French Mathematician, Lecompte de Nouy, examined the laws of probability for a single molecule of high dissymmetry to be formed by the action of chance. De Nouy found that, on an average, the time needed to form one such molecule of our terrestrial globe would be about 10 to the 253 power, i.e. billions of years.

“But,” continued de Nouy ironically, “let us admit that no matter how small the chance it could happen, one molecule could be created by such astronomical odds of chance. However, one molecule is of no use. Hundreds of millions of identical ones are necessary. Thus we either admit the miracle or doubt the absolute truth of science.”

The absolute truth of science, is here stated, has a miracle in it.  That miracle is at some point in the past God started our world with a purpose in mind that in the end it was to glorify God.  I always feel I am right in the center of the purpose of my being and the purpose of my world when I am glorifying the Lord my Creator in what I do, say and believe.  The closer we look at science the clearer it moves us to believe in God who has a great plan for you in this life He started.   

Pastor Mark