“How Long, O Lord?”

If there’s one thing I’ve found to be consistent in my experience of life in this world, it’s hardship. However, I’ve also found that difficult and frustrating experiences provide me with continual reminders that this world is broken and that Jesus is coming back one day to make all things right and all things new. I wrote this poem a while back to express the longing that hardships have evoked from my soul.


O Jesus, how Your heart must sting

To these people suffering–

To see Your world in disarray,

Where chaos seems to rule the day.

How long, O Lord, till You return

And lift the curse of sin? We yearn

To know full freedom from death’s bane

And reunite with loved ones slain.

O make us hunger for the day

When You wipe all our tears away–

When heaven fissures with a crack,

And You stop death cold in its tracks!

Now, as we wait, please give us peace

Till all these fiery trials cease.

Refine us further still, we pray,

And come, Lord Jesus. Don’t delay.


Pastor Mike