As Fall makes its presence known with chillier weather and ruddier foliage, it’s an excellent time to reflect upon the Lord’s provision over the busy summer season. In an attempt to help you refresh your gratitude, I’d like to share another poem with you. It’s a prayer of thanksgiving to God the Father.


Thank You for Your love that drew me

Out of darkness into light.

Thank You that You still pursue me,

Though I’m prone to frequent flight.

Thank You for Your discipline;

Without it, I’d have left the fold.

Thank You that I’m safe within

My gracious Father’s steadfast hold.

Thank You that You’ll never leave me,

Even after my last breath.

Thank You that You have relieved me

Of my guilt through Jesus’ death.

Thank You that I’m not alone;

You’ve put me in community.

Thank You that You’ve called Your own

So many sinners just like me.

Bound for joyful servitude,

I gladly bear my Savior’s yoke.

Words can’t express the gratitude

That these realities provoke.


Pastor Mike