“God’s Heart for a Widow”

There is a special place in God’s heart for widows.  Widows, orphans, and foreigners represent a vulnerable demographic of both ancient and modern culture.  Without a steady source of income or strong representation in business and legal affairs, they can easily find themselves exploited.

It is interesting that over and again God chooses the vulnerability of widows to demonstrate the principles of His kingdom.  Throughout the lineage of Jesus, we see widows taking their place in God’s unfolding story of redemption through the lives of women such as Tamar, Ruth, Bathsheba, and even Mary.

  • It is a widow who provides for the prophet Elijah. 
  • It is a widow who recognizes Jesus as Messiah when He is presented in the temple and only eight days old. 
  • It is a widow who is commended by Jesus for her generosity when she offers her two mites. 
  • And it is the story of a persistent widow Jesus uses to teach his disciples to always pray and not give up.

There are powerful lessons to be learned from those who would appear to be helpless among us.  Little is much when it is held in faith-filled hands.  So dear church, make sure that you are aware of those around you in church that very well may need some assistance that the Lord is calling you to help with.  The heart of the Lord is for those who are vulnerable, and His people are to be alert to those the Lord is especially concerned for.  By doing so you will bless the one needing the help and the Lord will be pleased with you for listening and answering the call of the Lord.    Pastor Mark