“Do not lay hands upon anyone too quickly.” 1 Timothy 5:22

Sunday-April 11, 2021 church, we are going to ordain a Pastor at Granite Hills Baptist Church!  This is a rare privilege and also a solemn responsibility that a church undertakes.  An ordination is only accomplished by the local church.  The Local Church is the hands on operational arm of the Kingdom of God.  Through the command of the Lord Jesus we are the ones that decide if someone is called and qualified for the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   A family cannot ordain, a church convention cannot ordain, a Bible College cannot ordain or a church camp.  They are not the local church but just supporting groups to the local church.  It is the church that Christ loves and gave His life for that is given the responsibility to Ordain ministers and deacons into the service of the church.  It is the church that has been given the authority to ordain the offices of the church.  Today an ordination council will question the candidate and tell the church its findings.  However, in the end a body of called out ones, the church, will have the final say.  May the Lord bless Granite Hills Baptist Church this day as we together ask the Lord’s blessing on a man, along with his wife, to be ordained for life into the Gospel Ministry.  

Pastor Mark