Greetings dear church and welcome to making it to the year 2022!  We have really experienced some different times over the last two years to say the least.  We have come through and have proved to be “more than conquers through Christ Jesus our Lord!”  I personally had the Covid 19 virus three times in the last two years and the Lord has brought me through each one.  Each family of GHBC has had its own trials and tribulations yet the Lord has seen us through and we all owe Him a debt of gratitude and thanks for all He has done to sustain each one of us. 

As we head into 2022, we have learned a great deal by going through these trying times.  However, for many of us the greatest area of learning was not the science of viruses or navigating shut downs at work and school but simply handling the distractions of it all.  What I mean, is keeping our eye on what is important instead of what others in the world are telling us is important.  If there is one thing that I needed to learn through all of this is remaining faithful to the Word of God and to our Savior who has saved us all, for such a time as this.  May I encourage each of you as members of GHBC to be careful not to be distracted by the daily emergencies of the world but be laser focused on the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   It has been said, “Evangelism fixes everything!”  If someone is full of worry, comfort them, and tell them about Jesus.  If someone is sick, pray for healing and tell them about Jesus.  If someone is struggling financially, assist them, and tell them about Jesus.  If someone is in sorrow, weep with them, and tell them about Jesus.  If someone is dying, stay with them, and tell them about Jesus.  Just do not be distracted and miss telling them about Jesus Christ.   May we in 2022 by the grace of the Lord be given the clear vision as a church to be undistracted in telling others of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that saves us from our sins and the wrath of God that most certainly is coming soon.   I believe 2022 is going to be a year that the Gospel is going to spread more if were remain diligent and do not get distracted from the Gospel as a church.  May we prayerfully ask the Lord to help each of us in this great commission He has given us. 

Happy New Year Dear Church!   

Pastor Mark