“A Wide Place”

In September 2017, when Jess and I first visited Lassen Volcanic National Park, we challenged ourselves to climbing the menacing volcano Mount Lassen and trekking out to the remote Chaos Crags. The next summer, we felt we had earned a more restful vacation, and on our drive to Manzanita Lake to kayak its placid waters, we discovered something beautiful—a serene valley called Paradise Meadow, replete with wildflowers and cool streams. When I read the words of Psalm 119:45, “And I shall walk in a wide place, for I have sought Your precepts,” my mind is drawn back to the tranquil memory of leisurely exploring Paradise Meadow. The image the psalmist employs describes a broad plot of even ground, clear of obstacles and dangers, and it is meant to illustrate the freedom we can have if we continually consult and obey God’s good rules. What a beautiful picture of the liberty available to us if we would only trust and obey the clear instructions God has given us! Will you heed His Word today? Only then can you walk with freedom and confidence in the “wide place” of His will.

Pastor Mike