A Mark of Mercy

Our text this week is Genesis 4, and I’d like to share this poetic retelling of Yahweh confronting Cain after he killed his brother, Abel. Consider Yahweh’s relentless mercy!

The cursed ground blushed, drunk from Abel’s lifeblood,

As Cain, still flushed with fury, was alone.

But Yahweh met the mad man where he stood

And asked, “Where has your brother, Abel, gone?”

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” Cain retorted,

“I neither know nor care where Abel went.”

“His blood cries out to Me,” Yahweh reported,

“And you are cursed to wander where you’re sent.”

“I cannot bear this judgment; it is too much!

For without Yahweh’s favor,” Cain replied,

“I will be caught in the avenger’s clutch,

And briefly shall this wanderer abide!”

But Yahweh, ever merciful, provided

And put a mark on him to match the stain.

He promised that, wherever Cain resided,

He would not be by the avenger slain.

Pastor Mike